Five Star CAW Wrestling (FSCW) is an all original CAW league. Inspired by many other original and celebrity leagues in the past, FSCW is set out to bring the very best that CAW has to offer. With high impact contests and hard hitting performers, FSCW guarantees to make a name for itself in the world of CAW. One of the main goals of FSCW is to show that original caw does not have to be boring and serious; they can be just as silly and action packed as celebrity CAW shows. FSCW is owned by DreConSmith and commenated by Andre Smith.




December 2009 - Present




Andre Smith




Backstory Edit

While watching FSCW you may hear mentions of its independent days. These are merely events that preceded the leagues arrival on Youtube. Several PPVs and episodic shows -- formerly known as “Intensity” -- took place showcasing the talents of FSCW. The only issue was no one could see a single show and none of them were recorded. Being that FSCW has a brand new deal with YouTube, it has vacated all of its titles and started anew so its new audience would not be lost. Here are several members of the current roster that has wrestled in FSCW's independent circuit: Reckless, Criminal Intent, Night Lurker, Jo-Depp Starr, Marcus Link, Lardo Hammonds, Damian Xanatos, Thaddeus McCoy, Adam Bishop, Adamo Cruz, Kendall Wright, Axel Stone, Chris Arsenal and a few others who are yet to debut.



You can catch FSCW's episodic show entitled Ferocity where all the talent on the roster compete in jaw dropping action leading into each CPV.
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CPVs Edit

FSCW Full Force 2010

Violent Tendencies



Path of Virtue

*Show names are subject to change*

Titles Edit

Title Holder Date Won Event
World Class Championship Axel Stone 04/10/10 Full Force
Elite Championship Criminal Intent 04/10/10 Full Force
World Tag Team Championships Academic Probation 04/10/10 Full Force
Top Flight Championship Kevin Tate 04/10/10 Full Force

Current RosterEdit

  • "Ruthless" Adam Bishop
  • "Cover Model" Axel Stone
  • Omar Evans
  • Night Lurker
  • Jo-Depp Starr
  • Kendall Wright
  • "The X Factor" Damian Xanatos
  • Thaddeus McCoy
  • Cyril McCoy
  • "Beast Mode" Quinton Erickson
  • Marcus Link
  • Chris Arsenal
  • Reckless
  • "El Bastardo" Adamo Cruz
  • Criminal Intent
  • Victor Scott
  • Storm Peters
  • Julion King
  • Nathan Grant
  • Lardo Hammonds
  • Travis "Bong Water" Murphy
  • "The Assassin" Patrick Creed
  • "Sweet Money" Willis McDaniels
  • That Darn Old Coot
  • ???

Tag TeamsEdit

Lords Of The Ring: Thaddeus & Cyril McCoy

Academic Probation: Lardo Hammonds & Travis Murphy

Team High Impact: Julion King & Nathan Grant

The Elder Elitists: Willis McDaniels & That Darn Old Coot

Link & Arsenal: Marcus Link & Chris Arsenal