Internet Championship CAW Wrestling
Acronym ICCW
Establishment 2007-2008
Owner(s) Zaquiri Daquiri
Staff Zaquiri Daquiri
Formerly n/a
Internet Championship CAW Wrestling is a current caw promotion runned by Zaquiri Daquiri.


  • Regular Roster

Name Finisher Name Notes
Ace Part of the Ambiguously Gay Duo
Associate Price Check/Coffee Breath Host of the CAW Idol

Angry Video Game Nerd

Code Breaker CitW Holder
Bizzaro Murphy Bizzaro Plunge
Bizzaro Stormy
Captain Murphy 20,000 League Plunge
Cheetra Wild Cats
Criss Angel Criss-a-fix
David Blaine Disa-spear
Dora The Explorer Buenas Noches
Doug Butabi

Current ICCW Tag Team Champion;

Part of the Butabi Bros.

Gary Part of the Ambiguously Gay Duo
Kyle Wake Kyle-Driver/Zomg-A-Rana
Paris Hilton Fame's a Bitch
Reba Bosom Bash Current ICCW Titties Champion
Rev. X
Sam Nathan Gregory Back in Time Current ICCW Internet Champion
Steve Butabi

Current ICCW Tag Team Champion;

Part of the Butabi Bros.

Stormy Dodgeball Time
T-Pain Auto Tune Breath
Tourettes Guy Jackshit
Tyrone Biggums
Uno Dos Tres Nino El' Moonsaulto
Zombie Shrek Zombiestone/Str8-2Hell ICCW Undisputed Champion
  • SMF Invasion

Name Finisher Name Notes
Betty/Green Ranger Evil In Paradise
Mr Clean
SpongeBob SquarePants
The Rock

  • Other On Air Personalities

Name Notes
Carribean Christopher Backstage Interviewer
Michael Scott Commisioner
Insurance Policy Color Commentator
The Pizzle Color Commentator
Zaquiri Daquiri Play by Play Commentator