One half of The Lawyu Boyz , 'The Phoenix' Kerio Law doesn't spend as much time in the spotlight as his brother. He is mostly recognized as Teryo's sidekick but there is more to him then that.

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Personality and style Edit

Kerio has a precondition for the simple and doesn't like making things more complicated then they are. He enjoys fine drinks, women and a wealthy lifestyle. He is a chilled out guy with a firm mentality.

Kerio Law used to be known for his Dragonball styled spiky hair but time has offered diversity. He has changed his hairstyle ranging from dreadlocks to a clean buzzcut. He generally sticks with the baggy-pants-badass style but he can ocassionally be seen wearing a fancy pimped out suit in his spare time.

He primarily trains boxing but also practices shoot fighting on the side. His style in the ring is brutal and powerful, but not without it's sense for high flying ability.

Involvement in criminal actions Edit

Kerio Law helped his brother escape from incarceration back in 2007. He robbed a liquor store simply in order to get into the same prison that Teryo was serving his time at. Oswald Correctional Facility, otherwise known as OZ. The plan worked. The two brothers hijacked a car and made their way out of prison and into the SMF . During the heist two prison employees were injured.

Kerio Law also has a business going in the world of pimping. Not much information is known about this however.

Finding love Edit

Kerio Law is dating Morrigan from the Darkstalkers.

The brothers hit the town one night in 2007 and went to a bar. That's where Kerio met Morrigan. They got to talking and it turns out that she had been watching him in the ring and liked his style. Later that evening the couple was seen leaving the club and hanging out together. They ran into Teryo later that same evening who was having a pretty bad trip where he envisioned a huge fetus that was trying to kill him. Kerio had some chronic and helped calm him down.

Some time after that he brought Morrigan with him into the ring for a little roundabout. The couple recorded Desire of The Phoenix together.

Personal facts Edit

  • Unlike Teryo he only fancies Cannabis and finds it to be his favourite drug.
  • He seems to have some kind of obsession with throwing things at his television set when watching it.
  • His asshole can speak.

Signature Moves & Wrestling Style Edit

Phoenix Spinner - Testdrive
Phoenix Down - The spear
Shuffle Side Kick to the face
Running Clothesline along with various other Clotheslines
Double Axe Handle face smash
Leg-hook Chokeslam
Various suplexes and powerbombs
Deathlock submission
Boston Crab