Matt Eichorn
Names Matt Eichorn
The Kishi
Height 6 ft 4 in. (1.93 m)
Weight 314 lbs (143 kg)
Born June 14, 1987 (age 22)
Birthplace Columbus, Ohio
Billed from Columbus, Ohio
Trained by Smokey
Debut 2010

Matt Eichorn (pronounced Matt Acorn) is an American professional wrestler. His main gimmick being he is the Unhawaiian Hawaiian. He was created by Homerjay He is currently one half of the Damage Gauge, and will be featured in DCO (WEDF) and IWT.

Independant CareerEdit

Matt started with vigorous training from Smokey and Suspect. He would not win as easily at the start but slowly he would defeat his teachers in various matches such as Steel Cages, TLC and Chair stipulations.

Active LeaguesEdit

WEDF (DCO) (2010-present)Edit

Before DCO started, Eichorn made appearances in WEDF. On RAW Episode 56, Matt Eichorn came out to help fight off Dolph Ziggler and would later pin his Damage Gauge partner Suspect and claim the WEDF Hardcore Championship. Although this looked like a backstabbing it was all a clever plan to hand the title over since Suspect was going for the Intercontinental Title and did not want any further distrations. Eichorn would then join the Developement CAW show. On the first show, The Damage Gauge would defeat The YGO (a faction that Eichorn use to be apart of), winning the DCO Tag Team Championships. Eichorn would become adouble champion. But he would soon drop both titles, as he would lose the Tag Team Titles to the Next Big Things (Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley), and the Hardcore Championship to Larry It. However, Eichorn would regain his Hardcore title, defeating Larry It. Mason Kronik would then challenge Eichorn for the Championship.

Outer Limit Wrestling (2010-present)Edit

Matt Eichorn would join OLW after NAW's closure.

Special ApperancesEdit


Matt would make a one off appearance in the last J-MAX webshow teaming up with Danny Jackpot to defeat his rival El Jefe and Blee Blee Blee.

CAW ClusterfuckEdit

Eichorn would enter at no.44, eliminating Lemarcus Carter and Mr.MITB. He would then shockingly be eliminated by Suspect, which appeared to be a heel turn. It turned out, however, to be a clever gamble by Damage Gauge, as Eichorn would distract El Jefe, who was then eliminated by Suspect, giving him the win.

In WrestlingEdit

Finishers and Signature MovesEdit