A CAW fed, currently using WWE Day Of Reckoning, that opened up in February 2010.

New Era Of Sports Entertainment
Acronym NESE
Establishment February 2, 2010 - present
Owner(s) Bandit Keith & Joey Ryan
Staff Inspector Shetty
Homer (Commentator)
Mattude (Commentator)
Formerly N/A


Opened on February 2, 2010, New Era Of Sports Entertainment kicked off with The Crock announcing that he was commisioner and that on that night they would crowded its 3 champions. The men who won the titles were Bandit Kieth (World), Nostaglia Critic (3I) and Deadpool & Linkara (Tag).

In the middle of March, NESE held its first Mega Event, called Brooklyn Rage


It was originally was going to be Inspector Shetty himself as the owner of NESE, but The Crock announced that a powerful group of European investors bought the company away from him. Shetty's role within the company is unclear, but still holds some sort of power within it.

After weeks of attacks, Joey Ryan revealed himself as the attacker, but announced he was under orders from the European investors. European investors claimed they were unhappy with The Crock's performance as Commisioner, but could not legally fire him.

At Blackest Night, Joey Ryan would gain complete control over NESE.


  • Soldier Ant (Trapped on Wrestling MPire 2008)
  • Adam West (In jail for attempted Murder)
  • Ricky Caldwell
  • Kyle Gas
  • Jack Black
  • The Crock
  • Prince Nana
  • Fake Rorshach
  • Nick Hogan
  • Zac Efron
  • Christian Bale
  • Gordon Chan
  • Chuck Taylor
  • Peter Petrelli

Tag TeamsEdit
  • Team (Nostalgia Critic & Nostalgia Chick)
  • Starfleet (Data & Captain Picard)
  • The Colony (Fire Ant & Worker Ant)
  • Shetty's Horde (Matt Mayhem & Lemarcus Carter)
  • The Order Of The Neo Solar Temple (Ultramantis Black, Xenimorph & 90s Kid)
Former Tag TeamsEdit
  • Scott Steiner & Zac Efron
  • Tenacious D (Jack Black & Kyle Gas)
  • The Fourth Wall (Deadpool & Linkara)
  • TEAM SHIT (Nick Hogan & Fake Rorshach)
  • Two Skinny Black Guys Of Low Moral Fiber (Human Tornado & Chuck Taylor)
  • The Fallen (Keith Connor & Gordon Chan)

Mega EventsEdit


Championship Champion Date Won Last Champion Event/Show
NESE World Heavyweight Championship Spoony May 10, 2010 Bandit Keith NESE Blackest Night
NESE 3I Championship Keith Connor April 1, 2010 Nostalgia Critic NESE Episode 5

NESE Tag Team Championship

The Order of the Neo Solar Temple May 22, 2010 Team NESE Episode 10
NESE American Championship Fire Ant June 02, 2010 N/A NESE Episode 13


New Era of Sports Entertainment's Youtube Channel