Zach Starr
Names Zach Starr
Height 5 ft. 10'
Weight 195 Pounds
Born January 21st, 1991
Birthplace Grand Rapids, Michigan
Resides Bismark, North Dakota
Billed from Bismark, North Dakota
Trained by Danny Jackpot
Debut 2009

Zachary Wayne Byrne II (born January 21st, 1991) is an CAW professional wrestler, better known by his ring name Zach "The Real" Starr. He still is currently training with his cousin and CAW Superstar Danny Jackpot hopefully getting to break out to the caw scene also.

Career Start in Wrestling Entertainment Dynasty FederationEdit

Just like his cousin Danny Jackpot, Zach Starr was signed to WEDF on July 5th 2009. Danny Jackpot who at the time was the WEDF Intercontinental Champion was able to pull some strings to get Zach Starr signed over to the ECCW brand. At the Un-aired WEDF One Year Anniversary Show, Starr pinned Cruiserweight Championion Evan Bourne in a non title and on the following ECCW he defeated Jimmy Wang Yang. Later he, Evan Bourne, and Chavo Guerrero would get into a argument leading to Vince McMahon booking a 3 way for the Cruiserweight Championship for the Snackdown after One Night Stand.. Before this, Zach Starr had watched the WEDF Hardcore Champion The Rock walk into a bar where he attacked the Rock and won the WEDF Hardcore championship.

Drafted to SmackdownEdit

At WEDF One Night Stand, ECCW was ended by Tommy Dreamer and Rob Van Dam, This led to the ECCW Roster being drafted and Zach Starr landed a spot on the Snackdown roster. He wouldnt win the triple threat match for the Cruiserweight Title and then would lose the Hardcore title on United later on. After a few months he found himself winning the Cruiserweight Title at WEDF Last Resort against Chavo Guerrero. Zach Starr has since been able to retain the Cruiserweight Championship and even found himself in title contention for the WEDF United States Championship at the Survival of the Fittest pre-show. Starr came up short, but held his own in the match.

On WEDF Ep. 59 - Smackdown, Zach Starr was lucky to have dodged a speeding car, attempting to run him down, the same car that ran over Starr's cousin, Danny Jackpot at WEDF Survival of the Fittest.

Quest for the United States ChampionshipEdit

On WEDF Episode 59 - Smackdown, Zach Starr found himself accepting United States Champion Jack Swagger's open challenge, with Zach Starr getting the victory over the cocky American-American superstar, and earning himself a United States Championship shot at the Royal Reckoning CPV. This will be Starr's first chance at midcard gold, as he is currently holding the lowcard cruiserweight Championship. Zach Starr was on the relaunched DCO roster but has now been moved back to the Smackdown roster in full.


Danny Jackpot
Ron Jackpot

Finishers and SignaturesEdit

Shooting Starr Press - Backflip in Mid Air to Splash from Top Rope
StarrPower - Double Knee Facebreaker with Theatrics.
Double Starr Legdrop - Running jumping high–angle double leg drop, with theatrics
Starr Jacked - Fireman's carry flapjack

Championships & AccomplishmentsEdit

  • Wrestling Entertainment Dynasty Federation
    • WEDF Hardcore Championship (2 Time)
    • WEDF Cruiserweight Championship (1 Time)
    • WEDF 2009 Rookie of the Year

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